Why we love infographics (and you should, too!)

My love of infographics began when I was a design student at NSCAD. In those days we called them diagrams, graphs, maps, and charts. A good infographic makes a complex topic clearer for the reader and is done in a visually appealing manner by using type, line, colour, form, illustration, and photos. It is accomplished […]

File management

Digitally, I keep almost everything and I have my own way to organize files that works for me. I also keep any files that clients send me: logos, photos, manuscripts, etc. But often the original file names are pretty useless, i.e: Fact Sheet Round 2, version 2.doc, or _DSC1847.jpg. This can become problematic when my client calls […]

Book design

Almost 100% of the time when I show someone a book that I have designed, I get the response, ‟So, you designed the cover?” When I then tell them that I designed the whole book, I get a deer-caught-in-the-headlights kinda stare. Let me explain. Here are some book design decisions to be made for a […]