Graphic Design Case Study 1

Graphic Design Case Study 1

Client: Femmes Équité Atlantique

Book details: 6″ x 9″, approximately 200 pages each of three books, over 300 illustrations, wire bound, each book has a unique cover and appendix
Poster details: 9″ x 17″, three different posters
Website: 8 page custom website

Services: graphic design and concept, layout and typesetting, custom illustration, website design and development

The Femmes Équité Atlantique (FÉA) was made up of organizations that dealt with women’s issues in the four Atlantic Provinces, and was created in 2004. FÉA’s mandate was to improve the socio-economic situation of Acadian and French women in the Atlantic provinces. Sadly, this organization is no longer active due to government cut-backs.

The client came to me after they had hired a graphic design company to produce their publications. The books were almost completed but the client wasn’t happy with the process and final work. At the eleventh hour, they decided to seek another design firm to salvage the project. I met with the client and understood that this project needed a designer who would make significant contributions to the project. Someone who would not just take the manuscript and slap it on a page.

The three resource books were used as hands-on workbooks for young girls and women in the Acadian and French populations in New Brunswick, PEI, and Newfoundland. Each book consists of core pages with specific appendices for each province. A book for Nova Scotia was not produced due to political reasons. Three posters were also produced and subsequently a website for the organization that we designed.

The client was thrilled to work with a designer who could translate their vision into books that would appeal to their target audience. Filled with lots of fun drawings, bright colours, side bars, icons, and diary-type pages, the books were sought out by individuals and the client was happy to do a second print run. Sensitivity was necessary as the subject matter ie: sexual assault, was at times difficult.

An added bonus for my client was that I speak French and understand specific French typographic constraints, and dealing with French manuscripts wasn’t intimidating to me.

Client said: “Peggy nous a été de bon conseil lors de la création de notre site Internet. Il est facile à naviguer, accueillant et professionnel!” Translates to “Peggy gave us great direction during the creation of our internet site. It is easy to navigate, accommodating and professional!