Comic Sans

Comic Sans

I love to travel, and I find the joy is in the planning and researching for the upcoming trip. I am a self-confessed guidebook junkie – I get as many as I can from the library to do the initial research and then decide on which to purchase. Easy. As a graphic designer with one […]

Colour names

Colour names

I was recently in a jewelry shop and saw some dazzling rubies. The saleswoman referred to one ruby as a true red. What I saw was a deep magenta. How we see colours can differ greatly from person to person, and how we name colours can also vary. I’ve always been fascinated by the evocative names of colours: jaw-breaking candy […]

Colour calibration

I would guess that most of you do not have colour calibrated monitors. So viewing a PDF on my screen will look different on your screen; sometimes very different. How we see colour depends on many things. For photographers and designers, the primary difference is whether we are viewing printed colours (CMYK) or those on screen (RGB). At Peggy […]

Atlantic Credit Unions

Atlantic Credit Unions

We recently worked on a colourful project for Atlantic Central – the trade association that supports all of the credit unions in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. We designed this booklet to be used as an educational tool when Atlantic Central is speaking to governments. The criteria was that it had […]

Pantone Color of the Year

We all need a joyful boost of colour this time of year – something better than grey. But Marsala – Pantone Color of the Year 2015 doesn’t do it for me. I’ve loved some of the previous Pantone colours: honeysuckle, chili pepper, blue iris, turquoise, and tangerine tango. The colour of Marsala wine is rich and deep […]

Progress Women of Excellence Award

I can’t quite believe it but I am now a Woman of Excellence. Yeah, you knew it, right? I’m very very honoured to receive this award from the amazing, tireless women at the Canadian Progress Club Halifax Cornwallis. Very honoured. Our wonderful client Phoenix Youth nominated me, partially for the design work we have done over the […]

The Biophilia Project

As some of you know, my partner Robert George Young (Bob) is a photographer. He has been a stock photographer for over 30 years and has recently launched The Biophilia Project. The Biophilia hypothesis – a term first coined by Harvard professor Edward O. Wilson in his book Biophilia (1984) – suggests that we are all naturally drawn […]

Tickled Pink

When Phoenix recently approached me and asked if they could nominate me for a Progress Women of Excellence Award, I was surprised and to be honest, slightly embarrassed. Me? a woman of excellence? Like most Canadians, and a lot of women I know, we don’t like to talk about ourselves or brag. But, I have […]

Don’t Chat with Strangers

Worse than being caught with my pants down, I thought you would like to read of one of my most embarrassing moments on The Phone Lady’s blog. Mary Jane Copps is a delight to work with and has such great insight – not only on how to speak on the phone – but also how to attract new […]

Why we love infographics (and you should, too!)

My love of infographics began when I was a design student at NSCAD. In those days we called them diagrams, graphs, maps, and charts. A good infographic makes a complex topic clearer for the reader and is done in a visually appealing manner by using type, line, colour, form, illustration, and photos. It is accomplished […]